Where do you deliver to?

We deliver all around the world.
Our branch in Chicago creates and dispatches all our American and Canadian orders, and our branch in Clogherhead, Ireland dispatches to everywhere else.

Where is your business based?

All our products are manufactured in our workshop in Chicago.

How long does it take to produce each gift?

Orders received on a weekday morning are processed in five working days (excluding Irish bank holidays).
For example, if we receive your order on Tuesday morning, it will be shipped the following Tuesday.

What is the difference between the Traditional etched and contemporary Coloured-etched finishes?

The Traditional etched finish gives a silver-like quality to the design and is produced by working on the front of the mirror. This etching is permanent and cannot be removed as it is actually produced by removing a very thin layer of the glass. This process gives a shadow-like effect to the finished piece as the etching on the front of the glass reflects on the silver layer of the mirror.

The contemporary Coloured-etched finish is produced by working on the back of the mirror. Silvered areas are stripped away by the sand etching process allowing our craftsmen to paint the design from behind. This process does not produce a shadow effect; however, the colour provides a striking design balance on the viewing side of the mirror.

To view our full range of mirrors, visit our online gift store.
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